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Do it or don’t. It’s amazing how many things in life are that easy.

Henry Rollins

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Let go, or be dragged.

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To be honest, females that dress appropriately and classy are so much more sexier than females who dress inappropriate. Not saying they are not sexy but there is a difference. Females that are classy are always considered wifey, females that aren’t classy and like to show off their body and seek attention are just temporarily.

Wonder how many guys think like this.

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isabel lucas

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mr-niceguy529 asked: You are beautiful just the way you.

Not feelin it, but thanks.

Wow, I really need to learn how to be more accepting of my body type. I always look at petite girls and wish I had their body, but that’s never going to be mine. This saddens more than it should.

Went out with my sister last night, had such a good time :)

I wish I was there kissing your back while you slowly wake up. Going up through your neck and listen to your morning moans.

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Judge someone by their attitude when the rain starts pouring out of no where. By how they handle having to wait in line for things. By how they react when the store runs out of their shoe size. A well planned and organized person is always presentable, but it’s the raw unaccountability of the world that brings out the real you.

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Learn to trust the journey, even when you do not understand it.

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